Someone else’s Journey

We’ve often thought that walking through the journey of Carter’s black eye would one day allow us to relate to similar people/stories. This weekend I received a call from a good friend, Roger Davis. He had learned of a fellow Student Pastor whose 8 month old son was diagnosed with Retina Blastoma and had his eye removed the past Friday. Roger knew we could empathize with this family and simply wanted me to know.

For two nights I’ve struggled to sleep thinking about this family and their situation. The surgery was successful but now they wait for the pathology report to know if the cancer has spread to anywhere else. If so they have already discussed 4-6 radiation treatments. It will be a long week. A week I still remember last year, a week where every time the phone rings you wonder who it is and what news it will bring.

You’ve been so faithful to pray for us and Carter’s journey. Would you be so kind as to join us as we pray for Andrew, his wife Natalie, and their sweet little Zach, who turned 8 months old today. Pray for peace. Pray for his little body to be cancer free. Pray, as we still do for Carter, that God would use this for His good and His glory.

Join us, and pray!


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