6 months

6 months have passed. 6 months since that dreadful morning that we will never forget. We were stressed from the many conversations, appointments, and tests that lead us to this day. Just under a month earlier we were wondering if Carter might need reading glasses but on this day we were walking into an invasive surgery to remove his eye and check for potential cancer. We were tired from sleepless nights laying there wondering how to help our little boy.  We were worn out from trying to make sense and explain the unexplainable to friends, family, and quite frankly, ourselves.

6 months since we sat in the waiting room, surrounded by friends (some as from as far as Birmingham), for what seemed to be eternity. 6 months since we handed over our sweet boy and trusted him to a stranger to alter his life. 6 months.

There are parts of this journey we will certainly forget. So many doctors and specialist that eventually will slip our memories.  Years down the road we may forget a few details, maybe some of the dates surrounding the visits to the specialists. I’m sure over time we will not remember the gut wrenching feeling of that morning, although to this day it is easy to recall. There are parts of this journey we will certainly forget, but there is one that will remain forever.

6 months ago on October 16th, 2012, we handed over our son, possibly dealing with Retina Blastoma (cancer), for someone to remove his eye and put in an implant.  We were confused.  We felt lost.  We were tired. Yet, on that day God was good and nothing was going to change that. I remember thinking that while sitting in the waiting room and that part of the journey will never be forgotten. God was good and that did not change Carter’s situation and Carter’s situation did not change the fact that God was good.

We’ve come along ways in the past 6 months – and God has never stopped being good.

The sun comes up its a new day dawning

It’s time to sing Your song again

Whatever may pass and whatever lies before me

Let me be singing when the evenings comes


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