To The Moon and Back

Amy mentioned the other day that she would like to write a post for the blog.  She sent me what she wrote with a warning not to read it while at work. That’s almost a plea to open and read immediately. Would you refuse to open the document? Would you ignore it for a couple hours? I didn’t think so. I read it, and now I warn you… Stop reading and grab some tissues.  Then proceed with caution and you will see one of the many reasons I openly confess God blessed me with an amazing woman and how grateful I am that I get to partner with her in raising our boys.

From Amy:

Dear Carter,

I refuse to believe that you are turning seven!  It seems like only yesterday, we were awaiting your arrival and muddling our way through the adoption world.   I am thankful every day that the Lord saw fit for me to be your mom.  You teach me so much every day about loving life and not caring what others think – just being yourself.  You are vibrant and fun and there is never a dull moment when you are around!

One of the things I deeply admire about you is your tenacity and perseverance.  I find it so easy to just give up and move on to the next thing, but you are my little bulldog.  Once you “bite” onto something, you won’t let go until you see it to completion.  I think it goes without saying that this character trait has also proven frustrating and scary at times.  Especially when you were little and bound and determined to do everything your big brother was doing.  I pray I have not squelched that in you, because now more than ever, this world needs tenacious people – especially those who will be courageous and stand up for the Truth.

I love that you enjoy life and I love the sparkle in your eye.  I love your dimples and your infectious smile and contagious laugh.  I thought we might have lost some of that when we made the gut wrenching decision to have your eye removed.  I am forever grateful for our new friend, Mr. Donnie, who worked so hard to make your eye “shine” again.  I was so thankful to hear you laugh after your surgery and flash those killer dimples.  It does make me sad, though when we have to remove your prosthetic.  Your entire face changes and you become deflated.  I can almost see on your face that you have learned at too early of an age how awful this sin and disease riddled world is.  I wish I could take that from you but I pray that God uses this in your life to draw you to Himself.  I know that when you ask questions like, “What if I lose my other eye?” or “What happens to blind people?” that your sweet heart is hurting.  The future could look bleak but I know that with the Lord’s help and your tenaciousness, you would not even let blindness stop you!

In many ways, I am glad to put the “year of the eye” behind us.  I am ready for all of this to begin to feel normal.  But, I will never forget God’s faithfulness to give us extra measures of peace and grace, the kindness and encouragement we received from family, friends and strangers, and the intimate times with the Lord when sometimes all I had were the groanings of my heart.  I pray that I am able to encourage you with all of this when you need it and use this past year to serve as an altar for our family – an altar like the Jewish people would erect in the Old Testament when God did something amazing – something we can come back to and be reminded of who He is and what He has done for us.

I love you more every day and as sad as I am to see you growing up, I am looking forward to watching how God uses your story to change people’s lives.  I know you have changed mine forever.

I love you to the moon and back, Mom


One thought on “To The Moon and Back

  1. What an awesome God we serve. He declares our steps. He sets the path. He provides the wisdom. He works out the details. He protects His children by taking away and giving to. What a privilege and joy to know him personally! Little did we know when God brought Carter into our family that He would teach us so much through life’s journey. Joy beyond measure in watching God at work!

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