I was not planning on another update so quickly but this remains the easiest way to tell those connected to us the latest news.

Carter, once again, has conjunctivitis – a word I no longer need help from spell check on. We felt it was possible and we were not entirely surprised when Donnie confirmed so today. With that news he decided we would try something new.  After we get Carter’s eye cleared up, and after Spring Break, we will try a unique approach to fitting his prosthetic a little better.  Donnie wants to place some molding element on the back of the current prosthesis and then put it back into place.  He thinks that will help make a mini impression that he will use to expand/alter the current eye.  This will help fit the lens better without having to sedate Carter and make a full orbital impression.

Just to remind you, the infections seem to be due to the prosthesis not fully fitting and allowing bacteria to get behind it and trapped back there.  Ultimately the best thing is to do a full impression and build a new eye. Donnie hopes this will buy us some more time.  I don’t know if he just wants to wait as long as possible to make a new eye or if this is just a temporary solution.  Maybe the warranty has already run out and he is simply trying to save us some money – I kid… kind of.   Amy and I agree that we trust Donnie and that he has Carter’s and our best interest at heart.

Until then, Amy and Carter have made yet another trip to the eye doctor to get drops to put in his eyes allowing the infection to be treated.  After 48 hours of the drops we have been instructed to take the eye out each night and replace it in the morning. Of course this is a lot less scary now that we made it through the process just a few nights ago.

When Amy called me this afternoon, to give me the report, I was listening to I am Not The Same by Unhindered.  Some of the lyrics say:

I bow before your cross this broken life made new 
So amazed at all you are, Lord 

And who I am in you 
Adopted, healed, and lifted 
Forgiven, found, and rescued

I am not the same I’m a new creation 
I am not the same anymore 
I am not ashamed, I will not be shaken 
I am not the same anymore, anymore

Carter and I were talking last night about how one day he won’t have to worry about his eye anymore.  We pray for the moment that Carter comes to a saving knowledge of Christ and then we will rejoice that he will be adopted, healed and lifted; forgiven, found, and rescued.  Then he will truly know perfection.

(*just a reminder that this is all about the prothesis and the implant is doing fine and unharmed.)


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