Inflammation of the conjunctiva

Now I know why they call it pink eye. I don’t think it has anything to do with the actual color of the eye.  I think it is simply a cop out from having to say a word that, in itself, just sounds dirty.  We do not have much of a history of pink eye at our house but I am quickly learning more and more about this conjunctivitis.

It’s been two months, to date, since we first walked into the Ocularist’s office and walked out with a brand new eye.  It’s also been two months since I’ve given any updates on Carter’s eye but praise God there have been no news because there has simply been, nothing to update.  However, these past few weeks have brought forth a situation that I felt was worthy of sharing and asking some prayer for.

Carter has now had his third bout of pink eye since Christmas.  The first one happened over the holidays when we were spending time out in Ruidoso. We were warned that well water would cause problems and sure enough it did.  Wasn’t a big deal and we worked through it.  Unfortunately he has had two more infections over the past two weeks and these are completely unrelated to well water.  Mr. Donnie Franklin, you might know his as the one who walked away from dental school, said Carter’s tears were getting trapped behind his prosthesis. Some of you, like me, may be amazed that he can continue to cry even after the eye removal and implant surgery. Others, may be surprised to think that this even matters.

It seems his trapped tears are preventing the proper flushing out of the bacteria in his eye, thus causing the infection.  Donnie removed Carter’s prosthetic a couple weeks ago and drilled some holes in it to help drain the tears.  Obviously this didn’t completely solve the problem and will require some adjusting when we go see him again tomorrow.  Good news: Carter’s eye does not hurt at all during these conjunctival issues. It looks gross and needs continual wiping and attention but at least he isn’t in pain and it doesn’t affect his daily routine.  Bad news: the time has come, the time we had hoped would never truly arrive, although we figured it was inevitable.  Tonight, we have been asked (and by we I mean me) to remove Carter’s prosthesis before we put eye drops in.  Then in the morning we (and by we I still mean me) are supposed to put it back in before he heads out to school.

Now we have watched Donnie do this process many times over.  We have been back to Donnie’s office on a couple occasions to have him remove, clean, and replace the eye.  We have not done this on our own yet. I can’t say this was on the top of my to do list for the week but when it comes to your children, you do what you have to.

So I ask that you might pray for Carter’s situation.  Pray that we could figure out how to prevent the frequent infections.  Every time this happens it means he misses school and multiple trips to multiple doctors.  You can pray that he continues to do well in school. We were so proud of him for making straight A’s last semester, a semester that had a ton of days missed with all the appointments, surgery, etc. You could pray that when, not if but when, I pass out tonight and/or tomorrow morning, I land softly. And you can pray for Amy. This takes quite the toll on her and she is really the one managing Carter’s appointments, driving to and from, and not missing a beat of her routine.

We are continually blessed by your kind words and encouragement.  Every Sunday someone stops Amy or I in the hallways asking about Carter and reminds us they are praying. Many of you have encouraged Christopher after his baptism and spoken highly of him being such a good big brother.  Thank you!

I updated the map as we have learned of people from several more parts of the world praying for us.  The community we have in Christ is simply amazing.  Praise God.  Here’s to more uneventful months, infrequent updates, and less reasons to speak or write about  the conjunctiva.


2 thoughts on “Inflammation of the conjunctiva

  1. I will be praying for you, When I worked for the Pediatric Ophthalmologist I had to do just this. It was very easy and didn’t seem to bother the child 🙂 It will get easier the more you do it. The tears actually comes from the lacrimal tear duct (which is a very tiny hole in the bottom corner of the eye) Often times it gets clogged which does not allow the tears to come out. Will be praying for strength, guidence and patience.
    Love ya

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