To Be Continued?

From CJ:

I feel like we are in one of those really good TV shows.  You know the one’s where you have been tuned in and walking through the story with a really intriguing plot.  Every once in a while you find yourself leaning in closer while being mesmerized with what could possibly be next.  Just when you are ready for the climax and the resolution you see those hollow words in the middle of the screen. To Be Continued. Some find themselves itching with anticipation of what will be next.  Others have that feeling of let down and disappointment as the end was supposed to be here.  Over the course of the journey of the Carter’s black eye, I have found myself in both places.  As this plot has unfolded it seems like we quickly got to the climax with the removal of Carter’s eye on October 16th.  Since then it has felt like eternity and countless days of To Be Continued.  Alas, the end is near.

This time tomorrow we should be finishing up with Carter’s appointment to get his ocular prosthetic.  As I mentioned before, it is an all day affair that will require a lot of patience by Carter (Amy and I, as well.)  As simple as this procedure seems to be we would ask that you begin to pray for Carter and a peace in his little heart.  He is scared about what all they will have to do and worried about the number of times tomorrow the specialist will have to cram things in his eye. He got a glimpse of the video I posted in the last entry and when they were squirting the liquid in to make the mold they are using a syringe.  I’m pretty sure he has it in his mind that they will be sticking needles in his eye.  That may be all good when one is crossing their heart and hoping to die but in this case I’m not sure Carter wants anything else stuck in his eye.  He has been a trooper and the finish line is so close but his anxiety level has been climbing with each passing day.  So much we’ve tried to forget about the calendar and counting down the days.

I went back and forth on writing the following but thought it wouldn’t hurt to add: You can join us in praying that our insurance allows the Ocularist to be considered in-network.  There isn’t one in the entire state so there is a good possibility that our insurance will allow a “gap rule” that will make this procedure covered, as if it was in-network.  Otherwise it will not be included in our maximum out of pocket which is significant now as well as any future trips to the specialist that will need to happen.  Please don’t see this as a plea for anything else but prayers for an exemption to be made.

Now don’t worry, there will be plenty of pictures of Carter’s new eye tomorrow.  I will update the blog later Tuesday night or Wednesday.  I will also share more about Topher and the amazing picture he portrayed yesterday in making public his love for His savior through baptism.

So a short post with a couple ways you can be praying.  Thank you for faithfully joining us on this journey and hopefully this is the last… To Be Continued.


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