Just one more week

From CJ:

It’s amazing to think that it has only been 70 days since that initial heart breaking eye-exam.  Some days it feels like we have been on this journey for years and others it’s amazing to consider how quickly all this has unfolded.  Ever since the surgery (October 16th) we have used a calendar in Carter’s room to mark off the days between “events.”  We marked off the week leading up to the removal of the patch, the two weeks before the stitches were removed, and finally the month that gets us to the new eye.

“The Calendar”

So just one more week till we feel like we can close this chapter of this journey.  On the 4th we will head over to Ft Worth to meet with the Ocularist.  We’ve been told to plan on being there all day and at the end of it we should walk out with a new eye.  Ender Palencia, our East Campus Pastor, told me that the Discovery Channel did an episode of “How It Is Made” that focused on the making of prosthetic eyes.  I found it on YouTube and have added it in case you are interested in what is going down next week.  It’s quite intriguing but understand that if you choose to click on it, it shows them putting in the prosthetic (not really gross but not normal either.)

Many of you always ask how you can be praying.  This is a pretty simple procedure compared to all Carter has been through these past months.  He will have to sit still and be patient as the Ocularist works.  Hard enough for his ADHD dad let alone a six year old.   One other thing; Amy took him to see Dr Crosier last week to find him a pair of polycarbonate glasses.  Dr Alford, the surgeon that did the enucleation, said Carter needs to wear glasses from now on to protect his only good eye.  Carter seems very apprehensive about wearing the glasses as he fears he will look funny and others might laugh at him.  He had the same fear with the patch and the sunglasses and in each case it only took a day to get past that.  You can be praying for him in that regards.  Thanks for your constant prayers for us.  Just one more week!

Carter trying on glasses

One last thing. Many of you have seen me update social media in regards to our friends Roger and Becca Davis.  Their 8 year old son has been through years of brain surgeries and testing (due to a tumor) that makes our journey look like a cakewalk.  Sterling had yet another surgery today to help with some vision issues.  Here is the link to their blog and it would bless us if you would join us in praying for God’s continual healing in their family. Praise God for community and the privilege we have to intercede for others.




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