Courage and The Challenge Coin

From CJ

Today is another significant day in the journey of the black eye. Unfortunately, I am out of pocket so Amy has to take Carter back to see Dr. Alford without me. During the visit the doctor will remove Carter’s stitches. We aren’t certain what will be next. We have heard that his eye will potentially remain closed and we have heard that his implant will be visible until the prosthetic is in place. Either way, Amy has to deal with this without me so be praying for her and Carter. I’ve asked her to take some pictures and she will pass on any pertinent information so we can update you later.

The Challenge Coin

While we have been blessed by so many people over these past couple weeks, there is one story I’d like to share right now. We received a package from Assistant Fire Chief Mike George of Lakeland, Florida. He knows Amy’s parents from Brownfield, Texas and through some mutual friends has been following our journey. We have never met Mike and yet he sent us a special package. Inside were two letters and two coins, one for each of the boys.

These unique coins are called Challenge Coins and are given out to fire fighters that have exemplified courage above and beyond their responsibilities. Assistant Chief George was moved by our recent events and approached the board of directors of the Medulla Volunteer Fire Department in Polk County, Florida. He asked the board to vote and agree to award each of our boys the Challenge Coins for their courage in light of our trials. We were told that in the last 20 years, this particular fire department has issued no coin to anyone but a fire fighter. The boys were blessed and so were we.

There is no doubt we have been amazed at the courage our two guys have shown during this journey, and we were blessed by someone else seeing that and taking the time to commend them for it. Another example of how God works through community. We hope to meet Assistant George someday and thank him in person.



One thought on “Courage and The Challenge Coin

  1. How PRECIOUS! We are SO very proud of your little guys – as well as of their Godly parents!!! We’re glad to be “in the loop” with your journey. You ALL are in our constant prayers. We can’t even begin to imagine what all you’ve been through but know it’s been a growing experience for everyone. May God bless you & strengthen you as you continue through this process. We love you!! The Blacks

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