A normal week – whatever that means

From CJ: 

We’ve had enough people asking how the week ended after getting the patch removed so I figured I would update.

Carter went back to school on Tuesday.  He was extremely worried some kids would make fun of him.  Without getting into all the details, we are thankful to Kason and Chaz Melton (a.k.a. The Bouncers) for taking care of the kid that tried to take the Carter’s glasses off and even the lunch volunteer who was uninformed about the surgery.  Praise God no one made fun of him or said anything to wound him.

Carter’s bruise is now gone making the eye look much better.  The doctor injected medicine around the implant, right before he closed the eye lids, to help with the healing.  The medicine is seeping out which is sticky and looks messy but Carter has done really well keeping it clean.  Each day he looks better and better and with each day he gets more and more comfortable with how he looks.

We made it trough the first week of school and have just 9 more days till we get the stitches out.  From there we wait two weeks or so before the prosthetic gets made.

God continues to amaze us with the kind words, the messages, the support we have received from friends, family, and strangers. There are many comments on the  “When you pray, I will listen” post from people we have never met but have joined us on this journey. Thank you!  If you haven’t had the chance to go to that post and tell us who you are and where you are praying from, it would bless us if you would.

Here are a couple pics of his eye and how it has progressed this week.


5 thoughts on “A normal week – whatever that means

  1. Precious smile.There is no words just prayers to cover Carter. Safety, protection and strong backbone to take on the next million questions coming his way.God love him.

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