It’s good to be negative sometimes

From CJ:

We saw Dr Alford this afternoon.  He has been incredible during this process and it’s odd to think we met him for the first time just 10 days ago.  It’s hard to think we put so much trust in medical specialist in such a short time but we had a peace about Dr Alford from the get go.  The very first thing he told us was that he had not received results from the biopsy yet.  It provided immediate frustration as that was the main reason we went in today.  Although, Amy and I agreed that we did not want to rush the results and were glad they were seeking a second opinion before reporting.

I was talking with Carter last night about how they might remove the bandage covering half his face.  I told him, “maybe they will soak it to soften it up.”  Or maybe not.  The doctor pretty much ripped it off like a band-aid.  A REALLY BIG BAND-AID.

Just rip it right off, why don’t you?

I wasn’t prepared for what was behind the bandage.  It was bruised as expected and there are orange “cushions” sewn into the upper and lower eyelids.  You can see them on the outside and they help keep the eyelid separated from the implant on the inside.  It definitely looks weird.  * Carter asked me not to share a picture with everyone at this time. Carter was trying to get a look at himself in the mirror so the doctor handed him a hand held one.  As soon as Carter saw himself the look on his face changed and the tears flowed.  No words seemed to console our sweet little guy. I quietly prayed God would help him understand this is temporary but what 6 year old wants to hear that or learn that lesson?

We were told he can wear an eye patch to school but that it’s really not best to constantly have the patch on.  It seems the patch works like a greenhouse effect and can stimulate bacterial growth.  He will wear a patch to school and then sunglasses the rest of the day. I’ve told Topher before that there is no way I’m buying him a pair of expensive Oakleys that he will probably lose or break.  The doctor suggest such expensive eyewear are the best for protecting Carter’s eye.  Don’t have to tell me twice and I didn’t even think twice about buying him a pair.  Perspective is an interesting thing huh?

We are scheduled to return to Dr Alford’s office on Monday the 5th to have the stitches removed and then schedule a meeting with the Ocularist, the one who will make the prosthetic eye.  As I carried our sad guy out of the office there were a couple elderly people in the waiting room.  One sweet lady lady asked, “are you winking at me?” as she tried to cheer Carter up.  A gentleman sitting a couple seats over saw Carter and started crying.  Neither helped the situation but it was sweet none the less.

Heading back to Arlington we tried everything to help Carter understand this was temporary and soon he would have two good eyes.  About 15 minutes down the road Dr Alford called and said the results just came in…

Carter officially had Coats Disease and there is absolutely no sign of tumor in his eye.  Praise God for answered prayers.  Praise God that outside of getting the prosthetic, we can rest assured that this is behind us.  And we will continue to praise Him as we see His perfect plan unfold for Carter.  We have already seen God use this for His good (a story I will share when the time is right) and trust there is so much more in store.

Below is a picture of the implant and a prosthetic from “off the shelf.”  It is the same kind of implant Carter has.  I’ve mentioned in a previous post that he has an integrated implant that allows the blood vessels to grow into it.  This allows the implant to eventually harden and become like a bone.  Interesting fact for all you Jeopardy players.

How can you pray?  You can pray and thank our God for keeping Carter cancer free.  You can pray asking Him to help Carter get back to normal activity and not worry about what he “looks like” (easier said than done.) You can pray for sweet and encouraging friends.  You can continue to pray that God uses this to bring glory to Himself.  You can pray for the next two weeks to be uneventful with few updates to this blog. 🙂

I feel like I can never end a post without thanking you, our sweet friends, family, and even those we have never met that have joined us on this journey.  It’s been tough having the spotlight on our family but we have been blessed.

Implant and prosthetic


10 thoughts on “It’s good to be negative sometimes

  1. God is so good!! So glad Carter is cancer free! Praying for his sweet heart and that He will quickly know that the worst is over!

  2. Answered prayers! I know God works in mysterious ways…and this journey has taught us so much! I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our Carter! Love you! Dorothy

  3. I don’t know Carter personally but my co-worker, Bill Walrath, asked us to pray and that’s what I’ve done. What a mighty God we serve and the prayers of the righteous availeth much. God has allowed this test for such a testimony as you all, his parents, have given. You have shown us how to remain faithful to God even in the midst of a storm. To God be the glory for the things he has done.

  4. Oh CJ that is great news . We go to Fielder and my wife and I and our 3 kids have constantly been praying for Carter as well as you Amy and Topher. I continue to pray that God will keep your family in his hands and continue to show you guys what a great and awesome God that we serve. I read your post above along with our 3 kids and tears started down my face when I read he was cancer free. What great news. Im so relieved… God bless Carter and your sweet family..

  5. We are so glad Carter is cancer-free! We will continue to pray for Carter, and all if you! Thank you for sharing with us, and for allowing us to confirm from your testimony our God is good, and constant, and loves us so much!

  6. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow, All of LLL (Our Senior Adult Group) and our Senior Sunday School classes have been praying for Carter, Topher, Amy and CJ. We are so grateful to God for what He has done and what He is going to do in Carter’s life. Many of us have Great Grandchildren who are Carter’s age, and this brings it home to us in a very loving caring way. We love you all, Reta Wilson, October 22 at 10:04 pm

  7. Thank God for His goodness – cancer free – what a good message. Thank You, Father, for giving Carter Dr. Alford, his skill, kindness and wisdom. We are continuing to pray for all of you. May God just wrap you up in His strength and peace. Your witness during this time has touched many people in a very positive way. love, Gwen Burk

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