No need to buy a Cheetah

From CJ:

The plan was to give another update following the doctors appointment tomorrow.  After the large request and many questions at church today, I figured I would type up a quick one.

We had a rally good weekend with Carter.  We took him completely off pain medication and even did some things to simulate normality.  Amy’s parents had to head back home but my parents drove in from Houston.  Friday we went out for lunch and to Toys-R-Us to get him out of the house and in front of people.  It was a successful trip and Carter handled it well.  Saturday we ventured out to the pumpkin patch where Carter was as close to being Carter as we have seen in quite some time.

Last night as I was putting him in bed he started to get a little quiet and that little lip started to quiver.  When I asked him what was wrong he asked, “what if people laugh at me?”  I assured him that everyone that he sees have been praying for him and no one will laugh.  I also told them if they do laugh I will take care of it.  His solution… “we could buy a Cheetah and then they won’t laugh anymore.”  Thankfully we made it through the day without Fielder’s Student Pastor threatening anyone and no new pets at our house.  Thank you to so many of you who hugged him and encouraged him.  Thank you for seeing Carter through the huge dirt and food stained patch covering half his face.  It blessed us and helped him see people care about him know matter what he looks like.

Tomorrow we head to our follow up visit with Dr Alford.  He will remove the patch from surgery and give us a new “pirate patch” to wear to school.  It will be the first time any of us have seen the eye since Tuesday.  Also, at this meeting we will get the biopsy report and, once and for all, know if there was a tumor in his eye. 

You can pray… for continued healing for the eye.  The sooner it heals, the sooner we get the prosthetic eye (contact lens) in place and Carter can once again look normal. Pray for 100% certainty that there is no tumor and no need to do any other testing.  Pray for Carter as he heads back to school and that he gets caught up quickly.  Continue to pray that God guards both the boys heart.  And pray that our sovereign God continues to get the glory that He deserves no matter our situation in life.  We truly trust we will look back over time and see how He used this for His good.

We sang these words this morning at church and we trust every single one:

God is with us

He is on our side

He will make a way.

Far above all we know

Far above all we hope

He has done great things.


Lifted up, He defeated the grave

Raised to life, Our God is able.

In His name, we overcome

For the Lord our God is able.


We will update again tomorrow after our appointment.


8 thoughts on “No need to buy a Cheetah

  1. Thanks, CJ, for the update. This morning in church Carter told me that he wants the color of his eye patch to be GOLD??? What a funny and special young man. We will be praying.

  2. Thanks so much for the update! Our family is continuing to lift yours up and pray God’s protection and power be upon you all.

  3. We continue to pray and anticipate a good report today. We are so proud of you, Amy, Topher, and Carter. Your faith is an amazing example to those lives you are touching as God shines through you all. Love you guys bunches and bunches.

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