From CJ:

Looking across the room I was amazed at how Carter sat still, quietly listening to his Pastors Gary Smith and Mike Wierick pray over him.  He may not completely understand it but as a father I felt obligated to ask these men to pray for our son.  They prayed for healing.  They prayed that God’s will would be done.  It was important for Carter and I thought it was equally important for Topher to see faith in action.

Carter later asked, as we were putting him in bed, why would God heal all those people (referring to people in the Bible) but not heal me?  It’s a very real and very raw question. It’s a question most adults struggle to wrestle with let alone a six year old.  The will of God is something we all try to understand but seldom truly grasp.  I know God chooses to heal people for His glory and when He choses not to, it is also for His glory.  We will spend the weeks ahead trying to help Carter understand such a difficult truth.  This is the only time we have heard him ask “why” but probably not the last.  As for us, we trust in the often quoted Jeremiah 29:11 and have held the song It Is Well close to heart.

It has been one month ago today that we began this journey, this journey that has felt like it has lasted a year.  Tomorrow we will get up at 4:45 and head to Cooks Children Hospital.  Surgery is scheduled for 7:00am with the understanding we should be home later that afternoon.  It is the step to move towards closure and and complete certainty that there is no cancer in Carter’s body.  Just moments ago Amy and I looked at each other and agreed, we have a peace about this.  No doubt, it is a peace that can only come from our Creator.

I’ve said it many times and will say it many more, we are overwhelmed and blessed by the countless prayers, words of encouragement, hugs, scripture, and even those understanding nods from across the room.  Our God is greater and we rest in His amazing grace!


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