The Surgeon

From CJ:

Let me start by giving a quick back story.  On wednesday I called Dr Spencer who has been a part of this whole process and was recommended to do Carter’s surgery. He said he no longer does enucleations and referred us to a Dr Alford.  Within the hour a church member, who is an anesthesiologist, called and asked what we were planning on doing moving forward.  He said it was none of his business but if he could recommend one doctor it would be a Dr Alford out of Ft Worth.

This morning we met with Dr Alford for a consult and received more information than we cared to or ever thought we would know about eye removals.  He has done 700+ of these surgeries and made us feel very comfortable from the beginning.  Here is what we learned.

He will remove the eye and put in a “plastic like styrofoam” implant.  He walked through all the different kinds of implants but you don’t want to know.  This is an integrated implant and has a very high success rate (I think he said 95%+). The eye will be sent off to have the pathology done so we can completely rule out Retina Blastoma. Carter will be allowed to go home on the same day unless he struggles with the anesthesia or pain.

He will wear a patch for 5-7 days and his eye will be sewn shut for 3 weeks.  After another 3 weeks of healing he would be sent to the Ocularists who fits him for the prosthetic. Dr. Alford said they are like master artists and will create a cover for the implant that will look just like his other eye.  It really is amazing what all can be done and how many people are walking around with one eye and we never even know.

We think the surgery is Tuesday morning at 7:00am (thinking we will have to be at hospital 2 hours before.)


7 thoughts on “The Surgeon

  1. Jeff had so many surgerys that i lost count, but it never get any easier to see them ride off on that stretcher. GOD had carried us all this time and HE is always there, I just knew each time that he would begin healing as soon as the surgery was over!! The blessings just keep on coming! We will be in prayer from now til then!! Love you all!

  2. You have all been in our prayers since we heard of this problem. We trust God and this is a testing time. He is able to carry each of you, through every emotion. We love you and will continue praying. Thanks for the update.

  3. Sweet friends, please know that we are praying for you and loving you here in Brownfield. Praying that God will comfort you, sustain you and give you peace as He reveals the good that will come from the bad. Love you lots! Kathy Tyler

  4. We just wanted you to know we are praying in Dubai! We are your second cousins (I think!😄) Leslie’s cousin! Please know that we praying for you all! Love, Ina Beth and Larry

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