Another Doctor and the Impending Surgery

From CJ:

Neither Amy nor I are bloggers but we have been heavily encouraged to use this tool to keep people informed of Carter’s Journey.

We learned of yet a new doctor today that had not been on our radar before.  Dr. Spencer and I spoke today as we are trying to set up the surgery and what all that entails.  He informed me that he would not be the doctor to actually do the enucleation but would refer us to a Dr. Alford.  We meet with him on Friday morning to learn more about the procedure and officially schedule the surgery.

I have some other things that went on today that I will have to update later.


4 thoughts on “Another Doctor and the Impending Surgery

  1. Had right eye enucleated when 8, played baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, skied and perhaps in compensation, had a very musical ear. Still remember new baseball glove i got when out of surgery. Successful corporate career and I do endurance sports now (2x Ironman finisher), and can even hit a golf ball reasonably well. Praying for y’all of course, He’s got ya!

  2. Well 140 characters TIMES 140 characters wouldn’t be enough to share our love for your family. The six of us keep you always in our prayers, eagerly awaiting each update. Thanks CJ. It takes a Godly, leader’s heart to share with so many friends when you are so focused on loving and serving your family through this tribulation.

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