Prayer Points for this Weekend

From Amy:

1.  Clear information from all doctors we meet this week that will allow us to make an informed decision that we can have peace about.

2.  Pray, pray, pray that the blastoma is NOT genetic!  As we are collecting info. from doctors, we are coming to the conclusion that more than likely, his eye will have to be removed.  When/If that happens, they can do genetic testing to see if the cancer is the genetic kind.  If it is the genetic kind, it can affect his other eye as well as show up later in other places outside of the eye.  There are so many unknowns with Carter because of the adoption and the unknown stuff is scary!

3.  Christopher – focus at school, comfort and peace while he is with my parents while we are gone.

4.  Carter – we need his stuffy nose to clear up and no asthma problems so they can do the sedation.  Pray for minimal sickness after the sedation and just a peace in his little heart.  The last doctor we went to was not a kid’s doctor and spoke very bluntly in front of Carter about the eye removal procedure.  We had an interesting conversation on the drive home 😦

5.  CJ and I – maybe I am speaking for myself, but I am letting my mind go to the worst right now.  I need a peace in my heart and a constant reminder from the Lord that He is in this and He is for us!

5.  All of us – SLEEP!!!


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