2nd Opinion – Strike two

From CJ:

Wasn’t planning on an update today but have some ways you can pray following our Dr’s appointment this morning.

 We went to a doctor in Arlington today upon the recommendation from the Retina Specialist that delivered the news Friday and did Carter’s initial exam. The doctor told us the same thing so basically nothing new there.  He said there is a very good chance a tumor is in the eye.  Sticking a needle in there to check and know for certain would allow it to spread rapidly.  He says even if the issue is Coates disease the eye will eventually shrink and need a plastic cover so might as well take it out.  Still couldn’t give us any percentage, just a possibility.  This simply isn’t good enough for us.

That didn’t take us by surprise but what followed was disappointing. We were disappointed in his reaction when we told him we were heading to Retinoblastoma Center in Houston.  Basically he said “what’s that?”  It seemed a little smug to us and even if not intended to be, we were hoping for some encouragement from him and confirmation that this place in Houston is the place to be.  With the way the events unfolded Friday (see the “Update on the update” email) we feel like that appointment didn’t happen by chance.  We try to remember the raving review Dr Crosier, Carter’s Optometrist, gave in regards to Houston and will make that trip still.  The tests are Thursday and Friday so we will give updates as the week concludes.

 You continue to bless us with your prayers and often ask how you can pray specifically.  You can pray for us to have a peace about the Center in Houston and continued faith that God worked that out.  Let us not waver.  You can pray for Topher.  He admitted to not sleeping last night as he had bad dreams about Carters eye (we think in regards to it being removed.)  We have said time and time again that Carter is fine in all this and it’s all “no big deal” from him.  Well today he heard the doctor mention taking his eye out and you could sense it bothered him.  He specifically asked Amy about it on the ride home. Pray God guards his heart. You can pray for better nights of sleep.  You can pray without ceasing that God’s best for Carter is understood by us and that the peace we so often feel does not wither.  We have moments where we completely get that and we have moments where we just cry.

Thank you for loving us and blessing us with your friendship and prayers.


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