“The Call” and the uncertainty that follows

From CJ:
Dear friends,
The Retinal Specialist called today with news from the Radiologists.  Seems they are ready to rule out Coates disease which would have caused total retina detachment and not allow light to come in.  They may have found calcium deposits but still aren’t 100% certain.  Since Carter will never get vision back in that eye they recommend removing it, in which case they can study it better and know if there is cancer in the eye.  Medically speaking they believe he will never see again but that doesn’t take into account that our God is greater.  Removing the eye to them makes sense but to us removing the eye removes any possibility of God doing more.  Basically they are asking us to make a decision to remove the eye without certainty of cancer, although seems likely.
The Dr has asked us to get a second opinion from another specialist which has been set up for Monday morning at 9:30.  We have an extensive list of questions and a heart full of uncertainty.  We are trying to remain calm and begging for discernment in how to best proceed for Carter.
Amy said it best on FaceBook… over the course of the last 11 days we had come to be OK with cancer and OK with no cancer.  Wasn’t expecting more uncertainty and them asking us to make a decision based on possibilities alone.  Please pray for God to give us certainty, discernment, and an unwavering faith in Him as our Sovereign Creator.  Pray that He would bring the right Drs along side us to give us answers.
As we’ve said countless times these past two weeks… Thank you for your prayers.

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