An Update on the Update

After the bad news from the radiologist this morning we started checking out options.  Amy writes…

Glad you guys are riding the rollercoaster with us!  Here’s the latest…  I found a place online called The Retinoblastoma Center of Houston.  Our optometrist confirmed that this would be the best place to go.  They specialize in this type of cancer that is a possibility for Carter.  I called them and told the lady that I might cry during our conversation and that I might tell her more than she ever wanted to know.  I told her everything that has happened with Carter since our 1st appointment on the 10th.  She was very kind and knowledgeable and told me that we could come down there and  could be seen by the doctors even if we weren’t for certain that he has blastoma.

She told me they would do a sedation eye exam which is different from an MRI and is more conclusive but they only do those on Fridays.  She looked at the schedule and they were booked on Fridays for a long time.  She said they would try to work something out but she couldn’t guarantee anything.  She took my information and asked for our insurance and CJ’s employer.  I told her he worked at Fielder Church and she asked if he was a pastor.  She told me her husband is a pastor too.  She then gave me the number to her direct line and told me to call her anytime.  She also said she was going to call the OR (where they do the sedation) to see if they could get Carter in next Friday (10/5).  She said it might not happen, but she was going to try.  She called back around an hour ago and said that we have a meeting with the oncologist at 1:00 on Thursday (10/4) and an appointment Friday morning to do the sedation procedure.  The doctor will come in after the procedure and show us the pictures and should be able to give us a more definitive answer.  If it is cancer, they will stage it (A-E with E being the worst) and go from there.  They do have other treatment options than taking the eye if it is not to an E.  We will then work with a team of doctors to come up with a plan for Carter.  Needless to say, I feel A LOT better than I did just 2 hours ago.

We are blessed and God is good!



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