MRI at Cooks Children’s Hospital

fishing on the iTouch while the nurse fills in mom and dad.

We are waiting for Carter to be taken back. The anesthesiologist and nurses have already come by. He has an iPod touch with a million games, so he is in heaven.

They will take us back to a different room in a minute and give him cotton candy scented laughing gas to get him to sleep. They will put his IV in once he is asleep.

We will have to leave then.They said the scan would take 1 hour or so. We have a pager and can go anywhere in the hospital. CJ will be going to Starbucks for us soon 😉

We will be with him in the recovery room. They will give him a Popsicle when he is awake to make sure he can keep stuff down and once they are comfortable with his progress, we will head home.

Word on the street now is that it will be 2-3 days before we know something.


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